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Hearts in the Kindergarten, Tanner Laguatan

Let’s go fight dragons together

You and me

Go in your trashcan and take all the

Toilet paper rolls you can find

And we’ll go hunting

In cardboard forests

We’ll spend the day chasing after

Jabberwockys and Loraxes and

Heffalumps and

Just make sure to bring your rain boots

Because out there

It’s nothing but puddles

And cracks in the sidewalk

But you know, it’s the kind of things

That color your knees

Scraped and bruised

That are really worth doing

So carry an extra pack of Band-Aids in your pockets

Because one day we’ll hit the pavement when

We try to swing our swords too hard

But then

At least we’ll fall down together

And it’ll feel as if

The concrete was nothing but a patch of grass in your backyard

And we were just dizzy from the chocolate chip cookies

And your mom’s raspberry lemonade

And our stomachs

weren’t colored with that pink and purple,

Elmer’s glue, paper Valentine,


Kind of love.


Found in Vol X 2011-2012

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