The Fool's Journey: A Hinderance to Rules

Tara Kalle

Like the Fool, this poem does rhyme,
it’s riddled with riddles that mime
every layer of skin, every bell, every hair, and every tear in his motley.
Zero’s the hero, but also the fool.
The joker: one with a jingle in his heart.
A ding-a-ling for every heedless journey he’s embarked.
Into the unknown, our fellow does go
falling free into the ocean’s indigo.
He’s careful with his caution,
he’s careless and free,
he’s wild and recklessly naive.
With a flower in hand and his pup by his side
there’s no path he cannot ride
and absolutely no rules that he must abide.
As he washes up upon the shore
sprayed by the ocean, he lets any terror that’s left slip away.
And although his mind, heart, and soul are in complete disarray
truthfully, we see a bit of him in ourselves every day.