About Us

Inkblot is the Orange County School of the Arts' award-winning literary magazine. Staffed by Creative Writing and Visual Arts students and overseen by the Co-Director of Creative Writing, Josh Wood, we produce a volume of the publication annually and review submissions of writing, visual art, photography, and music compositions throughout the school year.


Our Team

Meet the Editors


Faith Kim

Senior Editor


If people were books, Faith Kim would be The Little Prince

There's a lot to admire about Faith Kim, who is both a talented writer and wonderful visual artist. An amateur photographer, she loves to capture the beautiful things in life, which include roses, clouds, and sunsets. In her free time, she loves to watch Korean TV shows, play video games, and bake.


Kaon Suh

Senior Editor


How to find the one and only Kaon:
Step #1 : Keep your eyes open for any fiercely beautiful expressionist paintings — if you observe them closely and recognize pure talent, you’ve most likely just encountered one of their pieces. Make sure to look closely! They might have left clues for you to find them. 
Step #2 : Invest in a few eggplant and/or morning glory seed packets and leave them out. If you are lucky, you just might be able to catch a glimpse of them as they snatch them for their personal garden.
Step #3 : If you come across a lovable, funny, and all around wonderful person with (and I quote) “two chipped front teeth,” chances are you’ve just met Kaon. Congratulations! You can officially brag to others that you’ve been in the presence of one of the brightest beings in the world!


Mia Soumbasakis


Mia might be a nymph, with the blue eyeliner under their eyes and their attachment to insects and nature. They have a tarantula named ___, which has recently molted, and they like making resin necklaces with bugs and bones. In their free time, you can find Mia gardening and eating sour green licorice. Mia aspires to have dark blue hair, carries Mitski CDs in their backpack, and loves the movie The Handmaiden/Jennifer’s Body.


Dylan de Guzman


The enigmatic and exciting Dylan de Guzman serves to be one of Inkblot’s great minds of creativity, a magic sort of person who manifests song into reality in only the most movie-musical sort of ways. They have before spun both grim and magic futures of aching hearts, wills, and testaments, and trying to find understanding with  the world’s oldest hominid over a nice dinner, or maybe Mitski . . . perhaps there’s room for two? But, forever the humble and grand sort, out of everything in their illustrious life, they remain the most grateful for the fact that they can still be surprised by change.


Arjun Warrior


Arjun Warrior is a senior, currently in his fourth year at OCSA and second as an Inkblot editor. He has an interest in exploring subjects often written off as commonplace or ordinary. Recent pieces of his have focused on architecture, video games, and Barcelona, his favorite soccer team. He's looking forward to an enjoyable year.


Abril Diaz


You can usually find Abril napping on the floor (any floor). Abril is a senior with a knack for poetry, songwriting, and cryptic Spotify playlists. If you see her, ask about her glitter fixation, her love for 100% dark chocolate, or why her favorite hour is 9 P.M. In her free time, you can catch Abril chilling with her cats, Tangy and Cookie, or going for runs in the sun. She loves cooking and eating world food, and at school, you can catch her at the microwave, nuking last night’s leftovers or making oatmeal.

Lily Staff Photo.JPG

Lily Gerhard


Lily Gerhard is a classic-country-bumper, queer-romantic-comedy-watcher, Mary-Shelly-lover and a very talented senior. In her favorite green corduroy vest and the rest of her ever-fashionable ensemble she walks the halls of the third floor, her eccentric, summery, personality so radiant that it touches every person she so much as waves to. She dreams of one day traveling all over the world and becoming best friends with every sea otter in the whole world. But for now, in our current reality, instead of adventuring with otters, she spends her time with her two dogs and picking out outfits for the renaissance faire. Lily Gerhard recommends “going after the things you want” and you can be sure she has followed this advice when you see her years from now, cashing in all the dreams she’s collected over the years.


Antara Kalle


Antara is an incredible junior in the creative writing conservatory. Her favorite thing to write is realistic fiction and creative nonfiction. She is a competitive archer, skilled with a bow (recurve) and arrow. Antara dreams to work in nonprofits or global health in the future. She loves classic rock and R&B soul. Sammy Rae & The Friends, as well as Amy Winehouse are her current musical obsessions because their songs are filled with a lot of personality. If you ever encounter her, ask Antara about her flower pressings, her favorite candy: strawberry bon bons, waffles (the superior breakfast food in her opinion), or how she looked like a carbon copy of Dora when she was a little girl. Just don’t try and enact an intervention to control her hot chocolate addiction, she wouldn’t give up sweet Swiss Miss for the world. This year she’s very proud to say her goal is not to get better grades, or learn a new skill, but to carry around a Snickers bar in hopes of having a “here have a snickers” moment, and an apple to offer “apple-ogies.”

Chey Staff Picture.JPG

Cheyenne Harkless


Don’t be shocked if you get caught between the crosshairs of Cheyenne’s pen or camera. Cheyenne is a preemptive breakout star artificing dreams in the form of film scripts and acting direction. Not many know this, but Cheyenne is an immortal soul trapped in the body of a denarian. In the centuries to come, she hopes to one day visit the Pyramids of Giza, a wish passed down to her from her grandmother who is enamored with Egypt. Some say that in one of her past lives, she was a songstress, wistfully harping tales of ancient heroes. Today, one might catch the echoes of her reciting poetry under the Symphony Hall stage, reliving performances that have been near forgotten.


Sally Jang


You’ll find Sally embedded in a watercolor scene of yellows, light greens, and bengal cats, with It Was Divine by Alina Baraz playing in the background—but only if the temperature is just right (27 degrees Celsius). At first glance, she is your average Community enthusiast, but at second glance, she is an otherworldly dystopian writer who unironically enjoys The Great Gatsby in a comfortable quiet. As an only child with only a yellow bird that resembles Pikachu for company, if she were to have a sibling, she’d want an older brother. Perhaps the next time you look at this watercolor painting she’ll be demonstrating her extraordinary ability to touch her toes with red and white nails, adding to her playlists on Spotify, or writing flash fiction.


Ally Wong


In the ideal world, Ally Wong would readily dive into a content life in the Japanese countryside. Presiding over her very own self-sustaining town full of friends, family, and constant echoes of Purrple Cat lo fi tunes, you would find her encapsulated in perfect, unbroken solitude with her orange pet fox curled up in her lap. As such, with her expeditions through the uncharted, daring medium known as creative writing, Ally welcomes homey settings and serendipitous epiphanies of her own identity in her pieces. Whenever you see her airpods in action, she is most likely captivated by the melodies of Jhené Aiko and musing about her aspirations: her hope to maintain her sneaker and taro smoothie lifestyle for the entirety of her life. And maintain friendships and family. Of course. Ally identifies as Rarity from My Little Pony and is devoted to poetry, reading flash fiction, bánh hỏi, and Ocean Vuong poems.


Katie Kim


Rather than finding new books, Katie Kim prefers rereading old ones—the Wayside School series is one of her all-time favorites. She has a great affection for the whimsicality of childhood and untended memories, which she captures in immersive prose poetry. Though fish are a frequent subject of Katie’s writing, it must be said that she’s uncomfortable looking at them in real life. Katie is exceptionally picky with colors, only ever wearing blue, green, and brown, and feels best reflected in Jack Stauber’s Micropop music and the 3D works of Jack Sachs.

Ashley Staff Photo.JPG

Ash Park


Among the many students of OCSA is the very talented, very handy, and very sweet Ashley Park. Ashley is a rising junior who enjoys writing screenplays, Louisa May Alcott’s “Little Women”, and creating the most sensational Spotify playlists. She makes jewelry: earrings, necklaces, out of some beads and somehow strings together something truly stunning! Woven together like her adornments are the amazing aspects, traits, hobbies, friends, and pets (her dog Chloe) she keeps which make her so wonderfully herself, and so admirably Ashley.