About Us

Inkblot is the Orange County School of the Arts' award-winning literary magazine. Staffed by Creative Writing and Visual Arts students and overseen by the Co-Director of Creative Writing, Josh Wood, we produce a volume of the publication annually and review submissions of writing, visual art, photography, and music compositions throughout the school year.


Our Team

Meet the Editors


Kathrine Habibi

Senior Editor


Currently a senior, in her second year as an Inkblot editor, Katy is looking for art that connects to a rare sort of happiness. That innocent, unapologetic kind of joy; the type found in laughter and bad music and good friends. It's the sort of art that springs so easily from the lips of children, words and ideas bouncing out of tongues and into pages off of classroom walls. Wild, joyous, unregrettable writing - it's the magic stuff, and it's all too hard to find in adults and moody teens. Katy's an Orange County native - she's familiar with picture-perfect houses, middle class sensibilities, and the judging eyes that peer out from windows on suburban streets. We're a society that lives on the internet; we've so rapidly become attuned to the public broadcast of our private lives that we've lost some of our capacity to be vulnerable and relax and make mistakes. That's why Mamma Mia with Meryl Streep was panned upon its release. It was branded silly and childish by critics too highbrow to admit that it had been a good laugh. But not Katy. She won't be constrained by the boxes on a zoom call or the stuffy sensibilities of a humorless society. She's watched Mamma Mia again and again, and it never gets old. She laughs every time.


Cas Kesig

Senior Editor


 You first meet Cas Kesig in the dust riddled coffee shop of Olde Paris. They have a Murakami book in hand, and on their lap is a cross-stitch in the making. You sit across from them and they give you a half smile, under their breath they are reciting HOWL by Allen Ginsberg, a testament to their veteran status as a writer - you feel a shiver go up your spine. You try to needle the basics out of them: favorite color, childhood obsessions, the like. They give you half truths: they wear a lot of green to memorialize Frog & Toad, they watched all seasons of BBC’s “Merlin” AND the One season of “Ouran Host Club”, and they're an official member of Clowns Without Borders (CWB). You smile and stand - that is enough. Cas goes back to their cross-stitch. Looking over their shoulder, you see it is the quote: “find me in the future”.


Christina Miles

Senior Editor


Christina, our mad genius/rockstar/criminal (?) of an art director, has a (some may say endearing) tendency to ask strange questions and say even stranger things. They can craft, shape, and gift their shifting words like no other, spinning them into beautiful works of poetry and prose. They're secretly the director of Creative Writing (by way of a long, but mostly bloodless coup d'état spanning three years). They're also one of the easiest seniors to bully, naturally.


Kai Matias-Bell

Senior Editor


On a small, deserted island somewhere in the Western hemisphere, there lives a barefoot young rice farmer playing a 12-string guitar to the open ocean. This young man with an old soul is Kai. The embodiment of the phrase “good vibes only”, Kai is a man of many words and many stories. If you asked nicely, he might tell you about one of his many adventures over a bowl of rice or any noodle-based food you request. As a writer of nonfiction, realistic fiction, and/or magical realism, his knowledge of the world and Enneagram types is exquisite- he probably knows what type you are after just a few questions.


Laura Chen


Laura is an insanely gifted musician who overflows with creativity and dances between extroversion and introversion. To add to her superiority over all of humanity, she has written six novels! Laura specializes in Historical Fiction and can transport her readers to a different time with her beautiful writing. She has a great sense of humor and can always liven up a conversation. Laura is a major Tolkien nerd and is in love with the Game of Thrones series. She has recently rewatched Avatar the Last Airbender, discovering her love for Iroh and Zuko all over again. If she were to enter the world of Avatar, you would find her sipping tea with Iroh in his shop.


Faith Kim


If, on a pleasantly lighted evening, Faith Kim was stuck in a four-by-four square space on the top of a building, she would attempt to scale the building with her jacket in the fashion of the fabled Mulan. A fan of Korean dramas and Studio Ghibli but also fruits in general, she’s a master of fantasy and short stories but has a certain distaste for reading. (This biographer, unfortunately, wasn’t supposed to spill that but *oops my hand slipped!*) As an unique little bean, white is her favorite color, though if you asked her she probably couldn’t choose for quite some time. She loves everything! An artist not only with writing but also with visual art, she spends her free time drawing and playing video games, probably lying down (?). And one last important note—if she was stuck in a room with an old lady for forty hours, she would nod and just vibe. Go with the flow.


Alena Nguyen


Alena is, without a doubt, someone with a lot of innate talent- talent she uses in innumerable ways. She’s used it to teach herself guitar. She uses it to plot sensitive, poignant bildungsromans soundtracked by lo-fi pop. She uses it to analyze people’s personalities- even yours, at this very second. Yes, that’s right! Not only is she thinking about you right now, she’s reading you like a book. Don’t worry, she’s not judging. She even feasts on noodles of all kinds, which doesn’t really require talent, but still. How will she use it in the future? That's for you, dear reader, to find out. (And she isn’t even the one writing this, so it isn’t egotistical to say so!)


Mia Soumbasakis


A perfect day in junior Mia Soumbasakis’ life consists of long bike rides, exploring haunted locations, and retrieving things on their long list of lost objects (including a camera, an iPad full of stories they wrote as a child, and a witch’s hat). Apart from writing whimsical poetry and prose, Mia enjoys doodling, gardening, and making family trees. In their free time, you may find them watching the shows Russian Doll and Adventure Time.


Kaon Suh


An ever-changing individual of supreme dignity and glamour, junior Kaon Suh has elected only to link the song which is currently scratching their brain itch: The biographer, however, will tell you that Kaon lives in the esoteric space between this world and the next. They may be philosophizing with Kant and Kierkegard at one moment and giving themself a mullet the next, jamming out to Mitski’s Puberty 2 all the while. You might have brushed shoulders with (or been tackled to the ground by) their experimental flash fiction and poetry, to which I would say, lucky you.


Arjun Warrior


Rising Junior Arjun Warrior wants to know more than what has been given to him, he’s practical and self-aware, if anything. He understands the changing times are the future, that the best way to make change is by being the change. He knows not to be too serious and un-teenlike, his favorite colors are the ever sensible blue and green and he may play some spare World of Warcraft with friends, or read some youthful articles on politics to keep up with the times. But at first meet, it's easy to tell that he takes things as they are. Arjun Warrior talks about what’s real and true, because that is what matters.


Katherine Wong


Katherine Wong, a senior keen on adventure, used to go to the ocean and talk to Poseidon when she was young. A die hard Percy Jackson fan, she didn’t read Harry Potter until quarantine, and was pleasantly charmed. She writes speculative poetry while listening to First Love, Late Spring by Mitski and the Folklore love triangle songs, and if given the option to have the body or mind of a 30-year-old at the age of 90, she’d choose the former to live a life of rough and tumbling through road trips--and maybe even meeting Ariana Grande.