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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit?

We accept all our writing, art, music, photography, etc. through the TinyURL.

What should I submit?

Anything! We accept writing of all genres, visual art of all forms, photography, film stills, and sheet music compositions just to name a few. Longer pieces of writing may be excerpted.

How soon will I hear back?

For the first semester, we promise feedback on ALL submissions. Within a few weeks of submitting, you can contact Mr. Wood to see if there is feedback available. If a piece is accepted we will tell you as soon as possible, but reserve the right to change our mind. After the deadline, we will post a list of accepted pieces on the 3rd floor hallway.

How does the review process work?

We read submissions blindly, meaning we are given the text exactly as it is submitted (minus any names) as a physical copy. We then go through a voting process that allows the editors to have a thorough discussion on the piece in order to evaluate if it is ready to be published.

Where can I buy Inkblot?

Inkblots are available for purchase at any Creative Writing events including Open Mic Nights, Scarefest, and more. Every year, the new issue is sold at Season Finale.

Issue XXI is now available for purchase!


Find Answers About Inkling Here

How do I submit?

For Inkling, we receive submissions that are emailed to that explicitly say it is a submission for Inkling or a submission prompt.

What do you mean by [insert prompt] ?

We don't even know- that's how great the range is of interpretation for these prompts. They mainly function to give you a sense of direction, not to confine your piece.

What is the Inkling Zine? How is Inkling different than Inkblot?

The Inkling Zine is meant to be a less professional anthology of pieces submitted under our monthly prompts. We aim to play around with the design and layout more, but logistics of the final product are still in the works. We are open to suggestions from the students as well.

How does winning work?

Three pieces will be voted on through the blind submissions process we use for Inkblot. These pieces will be eligible for publication in the first semester issue. The first place will automatically be reviewed for Inkblot, and the artist will receive a customized gift through the mail.

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