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Inkblot welcomes submissions from all OCSA students. We encourage you to submit poetry, plays, screenplays, short stories, memoirs, non-fiction pieces, flash fiction, novel excerpts, songs lyrics, music sheets, compositions, translations, space operas, octopus romances, murder mysteries, or anything else you can think of.

All writing pieces submitted before the first-semester deadline of December 21 that are not accepted will receive feedback from the editors.  All electronic submissions are guaranteed blind, and editors will review and either accept or reject such submissions without knowledge of authorship.

For art, we accept photography, collage, paintings, drawings, sketches, or anything else your heart desires.

Winter Deadline (deadline for feedback): December 14

Spring Deadline: March 9

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Submit to Inkling!

October Theme: Fermentation

Give us your kimchis, your wines, yogurts, body parts...?

Email submissions directly to

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